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Hi. I’m Aya, a hairdresser from Naoki hairdressing, a Japanese hairdresser in the Somerset area of ​​Singapore.

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Recently, the number of people who challenge the highlights has increased.
It’s a great deal, so why don’t you enjoy the colors for men as well?

I’m sure many people don’t color it at all, but just adding a few highlights will change the mood.
One of the highlights is that you can emphasize the style even more by adding one point.

I usually use bleach for highlighting, but if you can’t get too bright, you can use regular colors.

Also, if you are worried about a few white hairs, you can highlight them with bleach and then dye them in gray.

It’s a little different, but why don’t you enjoy it?

see you~

Author Aya

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Hi I’m Aya. I have been working as a hairdresser for 17 years. Using my experience of styling many peoples hair in Japan, I can suggest you suitable hairstyle with all my heart.

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