2 Step treatment for colour hair

About 70% of customers who come to the hair salon do hair coloring.  Among them, less than 10% of people take care of hair in a beauty salon, and about 15% of people do home care at home.  The hair after hair coloring is very delicate, and one week after the treatment is an important period for intensive care.
Depending on whether you care for this week or not, [fading, drying, luster] etc. will change greatly.
There are two main ways of care.

Treatment in the hair salon.
Treatment at the home.

Naoki hair dressing offers many treatments so that even busy people can do high-quality treatments without spending time.

CRONNA of 2step treatment prevents loss of color by applying a cap that prevents protein loss.  Repairs and protects damaged parts of hair and cutile without taking a long time.

2 Step treatment

Above shoulder $60 Below shoulder $80

Would you like to take care of damage such as color agents and age?  Let’s start with the habit of taking care.

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