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Hair Care : Treatments

Today I will like to talk about hair care after every chemical service is important because the chemical can damaged our hair and hair treatment is the agent of rescues for the hair cuticles.

One of our favorite hair treatment is this  Milbon Anti-Frizz hair treatment,a global “Made In Japan” brand that eliminate frizz, define the waves and curls of the hair, beneficial to maintain luscious locks so that our hair have silky smooth looking and will also rest our hair to less frizz due to our Asia hot weathers.

This 3-step deep conditioning hair treatment is masterfully formulated to effectively de frizz the hair while helping extend blowouts and styles amid high humidity in the air.

To maintain the treatment to the maximum results,use in conjunction with the Anti-Frizz Home care collections.

Do check out this fabulous hair care and treatment yourself!!

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Anti aging for hair and scalp

【Anti aging】Prevention to skin and scalp from getting older. The hair becomes thin, the elasticity is lost and the luster is lost.

Use hair-dryer

Scalp massage

This three are important for anti aging for the scalp. We highly recommend using Moisturizer for the scalp and using hair-dryer after wash as soon as possible. Also to apply moisturizer to scalp and a good massage is effective in regaining the flexibility of the scalp and promotes healthy scalp and hair growth.

It is important to dry the scalp with a hair dryer immediately after shampooing, and if left untreated for a long time, germs will propagate and problems such as itchiness, odor, and inflammation will easily occur.

Also, Hair brushing is quite effective too. By gently applying a brushing stimulus to the scalp, it is expected that circulation of blood and lymph flow will improve.
Not only that, it can also be expected to lift facial skin.
let’s try scalp care that can be done at the comfort of your home first. We are always ready to help you. Thank you.

【Hair Colour】Important things before colouring

2 things you must check in salon

I’ll give you some tips for hair colour. This time, I’ll show you the importance for preparation before colour.

Protection for scalp

Firstly, the most important thing is to protect your scalp. So please check if your hairdresser apply protection creme or oil to your scalp. Hair colour is fun, but you should avoid extensive damage to your scalp as well as possible.

Nutrients for hair

Sometimes your hair could be dry and damaged because of constant coloring and perming chemicals applied. In this case, nutrients are applied to your hair before further damage is done your hair.

The above 2 points are crucial before hair colouring.

Feel free to ask professionals when in doubts! I hope the above information gives you a better idea on how to care for your scalp and hair!

What is BIGAMI

What is BIGAMI❓

 Bigami Hair Treatment – for slightly frizzy, dry and coarse hair.

Bigami is a hair treatment that increases the volume while reducing damage to the hair .

 Keratin, the main ingredient that repairs damage and increases the strength of every single hair strand giving it firmness and more luscious tresses.

By using this natural treatment, it will be easy to maintain and style of hair is more manageable.

It can be effective even if it’s done once and it can be used in combination with any other treatments or hair care products.

For best results, Bigami treatment is recommended once every two months for ensuring healthy and shiny hair. It is an aesthetic treatment that will make your hair beautiful and healthy while at the same time improving hair quality by feeding nutrients to it. 

❶Bigami treatment is chemical-free.

❷Singapore is humid. This treatment is good for humidity.

❸Different from rebonding.

❹Your hair will be shiny, glossy, silky, healthy and easy to manage.

❺Bigami has a good reputation.

Which kind of hair is suitable for Bigami??

❶Those who want to keep their hair tidy and neat.

❷Those hair is highly damaging and dry or frizzy hair.

❸Those who want to improve the texture of their hair

❹Those customers that care about their hair condition and want to take care more the hair

❺Those who wanna grow their hair long

Come and try it and feel the difference on your hair!!

Let’s get your hair done for this festival season