For women who suffer from thinning hair. 4 reason and improvement measures.

How’s everyone today?

Recently there seems to be an increasing number of women who are worried about thinning hair and balding young. The cause of blading young is said to be hormonal imbalance disturbance. There are female and male hormones in women, and male hormones increase if the hormone balance is disturbed. As male hormones increase, they become thinner. Today I will write four features and counter measures that disrupt balance.

Reason 1 : Stress

Stress has negative effect on female hormones. I feel stress not only disgust but also in joy and surprise. Try to avoid stress as much as possible.

How to relieve stress is not yet elucidated anyway, take a rest and live a regular life.

Reason 2: UV

The amount of UV light in Singapore is second in the world. (Australia has the strongest UV rays in the world ) Aging of the skin and scalp is greatly related to photo aging by ultraviolet rays. Photo aging causes the scalp to harden and poor circulation. When the scalp becomes poorly circulated, new hair grows thin and dry and over time, hair loss occur.

To improve, wear a hat outside. Use hair UV spray and it’s important that you don’t fall outside during the day.

Reason 3: Disorder of eating habits

Disturbances in eating habits can disrupt hormone balance. It’s not easy to eat vegetables in Singapore. If you consume a lot of salt, lipids and additives, the scalp will have more fat and poor circulation. Then the hair becomes thin hair.

To improve, we recommend that you reduce the amount of meals you eat a little and drink vegetable juice or supplements.

Reason 4: Someone who is doing color by self

Coloring agents that can make hair dyes in various places are now on sale. When you are busy, you can easily dye your hair. However, there are many people who do not know how easy it is for anyone to dye their hair because it puts a burden on their hair and scalp. Commercially available color preparations are set with a strong dyeing power so that anyone can dye their hair and it takes time to dye your hair yourself. And it’s fast time to wash your hair yourself. As a result, the hair is damaged by the long-lasting color and the scalp is not washed well, color agent remains in the pores and makes the hair thinner.

As a measure to improve, it is advisable to color in the hair salon. Unlike when you dye your own hair, Hair salon get their hair dyed faster and wash their shampoo well over time. The shampoo is also an amino shampoo that is gentle to the hair and scalp. If you really can’t go to the hair salon and dye your hair at home, use your finger belly to wash gently. Use amino shampoo if possible.

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Treatments : Part 3️⃣

Hair Care : Maintenance 

Hi to all customers and friends, for this time I will like to talk about another range of Milbon treatment which is Moisture series.

This treatment me myself like it so much,besides the smell is good with fruity, aqueous scent, It also will instantly detangles and improves the feel of hair, giving it a soft,silky-smooth finish. This moisturizing treatment is good for dull, dry and porous hair with it’s extra hydration,deeply nourishes the dry hair and has powerful moisturizes ingredients that sealing the cuticle, leaving hair looking luminous and color more vibrant. It reverses damage caused by repeated chemicals services especially hair coloring, this weightlessly replenishes moisture product is suitable for all type hair,from fine to medium and course is good also .

Moisture is sealed in, and an at-home weekly booster and home care shampoo and treatment will provides results that last up this 2-3 weeks.

Milbon products mostly have SSVR-Silk Power Ingredients which help to deep repair our hair.

Do make a reservation with our treatment experts to keep your hair in this good condition.

miscellaneous note for hair②

Hello, this is Meiko.

Continuing on from the previous time, I would like to tell you about the trivia of hair.

This time「remove gray hair, it will increase further?」

With regard to this, if you say the conclusion first, whether to remove gray hair or not will not change the number.

White hair is hair that has not been able to produce melanin pigment due to rest or deletion of melanocytes (pigment forming cells) that produce the color of the hair.

Pause-> I’m just not working temporarily, so I might resume my activity again (if you have young hair or sudden increase in short time, this is a great possibility)

Deletion → State in which melanin generation function is impaired (most of gray hair due to aging may be here)
In either state, it seems that there is almost no increase in gray hair directly because it is removed.

Even if you pull out gray hair, gray hair grows.
I often hear why it stands out for some reason.

When examined, the damage to the pores and hair roots by pulling out seems to be a problem.
It may lead to skin & hair root problems such as buried hair and inflammation, and in the worst case, hair may not grow.

Therefore, it is not recommended to remove as a treatment for gray hair that grows in a prominent position.
If you really care about it, cutting from the root to avoid straining the hair roots and pores may be a quick response that changes to “pull out”.

How often should I dye my hair?

Hair colour makes your hair more beautiful. It’s nice after colour, but your original hair roots will grow still.

“My hair colour has faded..”

“My white hair is coming out..”

You know how often others dye their hair?

Well dyed hair from roots to ends, looks shiny.

Once a month

  • Over 40’s, who has white hair as much as black one, want to cover white hair.
  • Those who enjoy high tone colour, mind black part on the roots. it stands out.

grey hair need to dyed every month. It is kind of maintenance. usually, more times than hair cut.

Even if it is necessary, there is a certain impact to your hair. So it is important to do treatment constantly.

Once a two month

  • 30’s, 40’s, whose white hair start to increase. dye hair lightly and make white hair vague.
  • Those who enjoy fashion colour, medium ~ high level colour.

Once every 2 month is common in our salon.

It depends on the condition whether it needs to dye only root or whole hair.

Once a three month or more

  • Those who has less or no white hair, colour level is medium ~ dark.

If colour level is dark, it is still OK. But you might feel a change of color is better!

Generally, hair colour last 3 month. if it’s passed more, colour on the ends fade too much and roots como out more than 2 inches.

People look beautiful and young with coloured hair. Let’s keep your hair with nice colour.

How to improve oily scalp?

No matter dry or oily, there will be oil in the scalp. Because the subcutaneous sebum glands secrete oil to moisturize the scalp and protect the moisture of the scalp, it is rarely seen that the hair roots within 5cm from the scalp are lack of nutrition. 

But many people think that the hair is oily when their hair is dry. In fact, the dry hair is also produced by sebum glands to moisturize the scalp. How to distinguish between oily and dry hair? A lot of people just feel that the oil from the scalp is oily. Of course, consumers are not professionals, and it’s hard to distinguish. 

Now I’ll tell you a way to distinguish hair quality: if you don’t wash your hair for a day or two, the scalp will show oil, and the hair of the short hair will also be greasy, but the long hair will tend to be dry and the oily hair will tend to be soft and thin, which is only the vast majority. 

There is also the face and back oil production is often high oily skin, most people’s hair is oily. The nature of hair is very difficult to change, but there is also the possibility of change; dry hair is often about two or three times a week, the scalp does not appear greasy, the hair is dry and manic, the hair ends appear split.

The hair quality will not be soft and thin; the neutral hair quality is the best in the hair quality, with suitable oil production, glossy hair and no abnormal dandruff No matter what kind of hair quality, shampoo and conditioner should be combined, and choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is also the key. 

Most modern people have desquamation symptoms, mainly caused by abnormal scalp tissue, so to ensure the health of hair, it is necessary to make the regeneration and metabolism of scalp tissue cells reach normal, and the normal supply of hair dry nutrition is the fundamental.

Recommend a product :

Scalp Balanced Shampoo capacity: 240ml / 950ml 

PH value: 3.2-4.2 

Introduction: deep clean scalp and regulate oily scalp 

Usage: apply to wet hair, massage and wash. 

Stay in the hair for about 3 – 4 minutes. Repeat if necessary.

Applicable hair quality: used for the scalp with too much grease.

In order to balance the scalp condition, it is necessary to deeply clean the scalp, regularly remove excess grease and repair the scalp condition. Rebalancing can eliminate the excess fat of scalp, regulate the excessive secretion of sebaceous glands and balance the condition of scalp and hair.

Tips: in order to reduce the feeling of greasy and heavy hair, many people clean their hair every day, but make the oil secrete more; using improper shampoo can not improve the oil scalp, but stimulate the oil secretion more, which is counterproductive.

Don’t wash your hair with supercooled or overheated water. It’s easy to stimulate your scalp.