What is a Mermaid Gradient Color?

How’s everyone today?

Last time we talked about balayage color.

This time, we introduce colorful and beautiful mermaid colors using various colors. I will explain it clearly using videos and images.

This image is the base color that is important for mermaid color. Apply bleach delicately from the middle to the tip of the hair so that the border is not visible.

Then, when the base is completed, apply the mermaid color. The reason why it is called a mermaid color is because it looks like the tail of a mermaid princess with colors of blue, green, yellow and purple. (I don’t know if this commentary is true, but I think so.)

And in this aluminum foil, 3.4 different colors that I personally imagined are arranged with a unique calculation method.

After a long time, shampoo and dry. When shampooing, wash delicately so that colors are not mixed.

Here is the finished image! !

This hairstyle is colorful, not very flashy and very delicate. By the way, if the mermaid color is reddish, it will have a high impact color.

What is your impression?

If you are worried about using such a gradation color, please do counseling with me first. I will suggest a color gradation that you recommend and suits you better.

Hope you learnt something today!

Till then, I’ll see you in my next article!

What is a gradient color balayage color?

How’s everyone today?

Have you ever heard of the balayage color? Balayage is French for broom. It is called balayage color because it is painted like a broom when adding a highlight color. We will explain how to put the balayage in a video and image for everyone to understand.

As you can see in the video above, the hair tips should be fully bleached and swept with brooms in the middle.

And the above image is the end of the coloring. The width of the bleach increases as the hair gets thinner from the base.

Apply the color from the top of the layered color to give the hair a sense of transparency.Even if new hair grows, the border of colored hair becomes difficult to understand.

How was it?

Next time, I will explain the color slightly different from this time.

Hair Repair :-

Hi to all customers and friends, this round I will like to introduce another range of Milbon treatment which is Repair series.

First of all this treatment will helps to repair and reconstruct. Formulated especially for severely damaged hair,  this restorative product is powered by innovative Dual-Repair Technology that deeply nourish damaged part or over-processed hair. It also renewed elasticity and resilience. Reinforced with cationized keratin, it safeguards from further damage. 

Hair will look and feel healthier while enhancing its performance during blowouts and with it unique warm, sweet fragrance scent for sure our hair feels so good after this 4 steps treatment.

Featured Ingredients

SSVR-Silk is a powerful, silk-based complex that improves hair’s integrity, inside and out.

CMADK is our groundbreaking protein that restores hair’s strength by binding inside the hair via disulfide bonds. Combined with SSVR-SILK to complete Dual-Repair Technology. Infused in all items in the Repair Collection.

Do make a reservation with our treatment experts to keep your hair in this nice and good condition.

miscellaneous note for grey hair

Hello, this is Meiko.

Continuing on from the previous time, I would like to tell you about the trivia of hair.

It is “the opinion that the place where white hair grows is itchy” this time.

Do you sometimes hear it?
I tell that I understand that white hair grows because it is itchy.

At first, I thought whether bacteria enter when I pulled white hair when I heard the story, and it is accompanied by an itch, but of course in such a case there is it …, but the getting up this phenomenon is bigger than quality of original hair, and firm white hair is more likely to grow when I exclude … it.

Because white hair growing growing from a pore is bigger than original hair quality well, a pore spreads and, as a result, is connected in an itch from a sense of incongruity.

Of course all may not be so, but it is reliable white hair, or the which always says that the same place becomes itchy that a scalp is itchy in pinpoint may grow from the place

NAOKI HAIRDRESSING premium menu is amazing!


This is Shinya.

In the last blog

I wrote about Rebonding and straightening hair again.

Click here for the previous blog








 How is it?





 Straightening hair



 = Shinya

Did you know that Shinya is a rebonding specialist?


I will write about rebonding and straightening hair again.

This time about the premium menu.

There are two types of hair straightening and rebonding menu in our salon.


The first is normal a hair straightening and rebonding menu.

I already wrote on our blog.

The second is a premium menu!

Our position is recommended for those who want a higher-grade finish and those who want lesser damage.

Don’t you know if you were told like that?

Tell me more??

In fact,it was such a great premium straight menu!

 NAOKI HAIR DRESSING have more than 15 straightening solutions.

As I mentioned before,There are no other salons that have focused on rebonding and straightening hair in Orchard,Somerset neighborhood,in Singapore beauty salon.

The Straightening of the premium menu is our original.

 feature is


 1. Damageless

 Just because it is premium,it is harder to damage than conventional straightening and straightening.


 Because it contains nano-CMC.

 Contains five types of ceramides,18-MEA (derivative),and seven types of hair repair ingredients: cholesterol.  Efficiently replenishes damaged parts of hair and restores moist,smooth,and healthy hair-like feel.


It can be called a treatment straight!


 2. Gloss and feel are completely different!

 I think this is the best feature.

 Expression is difficult,

 Super shiny super smooth !

If you have done rebonand Straightening hair,you will be surprised by this difference!

It is the natural hair texture! 

It is soft and shiny hair.

(Of course,there are individual differences.)


 3. It can do bleached hair and high damage hair.

But this is negotiable with our stylist.

It is possible to operate on bleached hair and high damage hair.

Bleach hair,damaged hair,please consult with us.

What do you think?

Are you gradually getting interested?

Duration is about 3hours.

Price is + $ 50 for normal Straightening hair and rebonding.

Please consult us.