【Lasting treatment】We have professional salon treatments with home care kit

How do you care for your hair after having treatment done at the salon?

Excellent quality salon treatment

Have you ever tried a salon treatment done by professionals?

It transforms your hair into different texture!! Because hair stylist choose what to apply onto your hair depending on your hair condition and previous records in the system (If you are a returning customer, rest assured that the salon keeps record of your previous visit and what hair service you did!) We also suggest and recommend what’s best for your hair! E.g: hair colour, perm etc.

It is necessary to maintain at home to last longer

“How long does the treatment last?”

“It depends on how you manage your hair at home…”

This is a common question from customers. It is very important to care for your hair at home as well for long lasting result. The best way is to use what professionals recommend.

Our salon treatments include home care kit.

We offer some home treatment care kit that lasts up to a month or more depending on your hair condition.

I’ll be introducing some home care salon treatment kits but do check with your stylist before purchasing! After all, your stylist knows best isn’t it?

2 Step Express Treatment


This treatment is good for colour hair. you can use Soda shampoo for even better result.

Recommended to use every day for a week after salon treatment.

In-house treatment costs:

Above shoulder $60 Below shoulder $80

Milbon Smooth

For those who desire smoother texture. It varies 3 types of treatment – thin, medium or coarse hair.

Use home care kit once a week (4 times)

In-house treatment costs:

Above shoulder $150 Below shoulder $170

Milbon Anti-Frizz

For those who has thin and frizzy hair. It is also suitable for aging hair because of its lighter finish contents.

Use home care kit once a week (4 times)

In-house treatment costs:

Above shoulder $150 Below shoulder $170

Milbon Moisture

Dry to moisturized hair. It’s suitable for curl/wavy hair.

Use home care kit once a week (4 times)

In-house treatment costs:

Above shoulder $180 Below shoulder $200

Milbon Repair

Good for high damaged hair, especially for coloured and permed hair. It varies 2 types of treatment – for thin and coarse hair.

Use home care kit once a week (4 times)

In-house treatment costs:

Above shoulder $180 Below shoulder $200

We’d like you to keep your hair nice after you go home.

That’s why we give customers home care kit. It’s very convenient and effective and crucial for long term maintenance in keeping your tresses beautiful!

The key point is to take both salon care and home care into account. We have shampoos and organic products which are also good for managing hair at home.

Please feel free to ask us about our special treatment!

Instagram post

Instagram post

【Notice】Wearing mask. Measuring temperature.

Our staffs wear mask.

At present, the outbreak of the new coronavirus and influenza is of serious concern.

 In prevention of the virus outbreak, our staffs will be putting on masks and we appreciate your understanding during this period of time.

 In addition, we are working to create an environment where customers can visit our stores with greater confidence by taking daily temperature twice and alcohol sanitizer are available at the entrance counter and color bar counter in the shop.

Thank you for co-operation and being with us all the time.

Measuring customer’s body temperature.

With the latest updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our management will be stepping up our preventive measures. The followings will be implemented with effect from 10th February 2020.

  1. All visitors are now required to go through a temperature screening at our counter.
  2. Readings will be recorded and submitted to the building management (if required).
  3. Do note that our management reserves the right to refuse entry or grant admission to any individual for the safety of occupants in the premises. 
  4. If you have respiratory symptoms such as cough and runny nose, please see a doctor immediately. 

Alternatively, visitors may have your temperature screening at lift lobbies of Level 1 and Basement 1. A label will be issued to you for clearance (see attached picture). Please submit this label to our counter staff when you come for your appointment. 

We like to urge everyone to remain vigilant, practise good hygiene and seek medical attention promptly if one is feeling unwell. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and seek for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

Introducing various hair colour style!

Hi I’m Aya. I have been working as a hairdresser at NAOKI since January 2020.

Three weeks have passed since I came to Singapore.  Every day is a flash of new things.
I would like to introduce myself as my first blog ~

I had  been working in Motomachi, Yokohama for 12 years.  As many customers come to the store, I  involved in each and every one of our customers, with a focus on making suggestions that fit their lifestyle and having fun at the store.  

My favorite technology is coloring and I was doing a lot of natural highlighting and bright gray hair dyeing.

And bright color style.

Recently, bleach-based colors have become very popular, so you can enjoy a variety of colors with less damage.  NAOKI also offers new color agents, so I think you can enjoy it in various ways!

I also learned about balayage in London.

And with thanks and passion, I am able to help with the coming-of-age ceremony of customers who have been coming for a long time, as we have also been dressed in techniques unique to the Japanese.

It is a kimono that has no chance to wear in Japan, but it is still good.

In addition, I have been introduced on Instagram etc., so please see if you like.

I still can’t speak Very good English, but thank you!

I look forward to seeing you all ♪