Bob style. Part 1 .

Hello Go stylist. I make a lot of bob styles. This time, I will introduce such a Bob style.

A flat bob with a downward slope.

This Bob will be a bob full of calm guests.

I recommend this Bob because the back is short and refreshing so the neck looks long. And it lowers the front and corrects the skeleton around the face. And just dry it and it will come together. Of course, the cut will be made after looking at the hair quality and skeleton, so we may propose a straight perm that may be slightly shorter or longer. We will provide counseling and propose Bob who suits you best.

Thank you very much.

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Various section colors

Hello guys. I’m AYA. Thank you for visiting us.
This time…
I want to make a little difference to other people ! I’m a little tired of the usual colors. I’m really worried about gray hair only here …
I would like to introduce the recommended section colors for such people ♪

☆Inner color
It is a color that looks clear when tied or rolled.

☆Face framing color
For those who are worried about the gray hair that is stuck on the front, you can make the gray hair fashionable without darkening it.

☆Earring color
The easiest and recommended inner color

☆Inner color of side design

☆Bangs design

The impression changes when the color changes

Besides, you can freely design according to the cut style!
The section color does not bleach the whole hair, so You can make various designs without damage.
Once you have the undercolor, you can enjoy it for a while.
I think it’s best to grow while making changes little by little.
It’s fun to have various colors ~ ♪
Since the method differs depending on the current your hair, we would like to make a proposal tailored to each customer, so please feel free to contact us.

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Important Notice


I’m Shinya.
We apologize for the inconvenience to customers who have difficulty making reservations before Chinese New Year.

And we are very grateful to all the staff for visiting us.

By the way,

did you read the previous my blog?
If you haven’t done so yet, click here
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I’m glad that the number of people who come to the store by looking at blogs and Instagram has increased recently.

Introducing the Straightening style.

Long style

Medium style

Bob style

important notice.

From February 12th to 24th

We will change the business hours of the store.

Open 9: 30am ~ 7: 00pm close.

Cut last appointment at 6:00 pm

Cut color, cut perm last appointment at 5:00 pm

Cut rebonding, cut digital perm last appointment at 4:00 pm

We will be open during the above business

hours, so we appreciate your understanding.
Also, the availability of each stylist
Is it a web reservation page?

Please call us.