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Amazing! Even such hair can be Premium Straightening.


This is Shinya.

I make beautiful hair of many customers every day.

Thank you very much.


Can I straighten this kind of hair??

The customer asks a question.

 This time blog is 

Amazing! Even such hair can be Premium Straightening.

It’s better to see it than to explain it.

This customer

Customers have color and bleach highlights hair.

She did Straightening about a year ago, and the highlights and colors were about two months ago.

 If you straighten your hair normally, it will cause a lot of damage.



 Premium Straightening can do it.

 Of course, since it is bleached hair,

it is important to take care of it in advance with a treatment as it is.

 Please see

 It has become beautiful hair.


 This customer

 She have a very strong curly from the root.

 Premium Straightening is suitable not only for damaged hair but also for people with strong curly hair.

 how is it?

 It has become beautiful hair.

 We use different types of Premium Straightening cream for all hair types, hair curly, and damages, so we can handle them.

 If can I do it with my hair⁈ 

If you have any doubts like that, please feel free to contact Shinya.

 Let’s make beautiful hair together!

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