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Amazing!!Before/After.Premium Straightening

Orchard, Somerset area
Singapore Hairdresser
This is Shinya.

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I would like to introduce this time
Before and after of Premium Straightening.

I would like to introduce some of them.




How was it?
Even if the hair is damaged, we will adjust the medicine and treat it with the minimum damage.

It’s just straightening hair, so it doesn’t mean that it won’t be damaged.

I want to be cohesive and make my hair look beautiful.
I want to make daily care easier!
Recommended for such people.

Bob style and contrast color that suits tropical countries.

Hello, I’m Go, a stylist at the beauty salon NAOKI HAIR DRESSING in the Somerset area, Orchard, Singapore.

Here are some recommended colors that will set you apart from others in Singapore, which is hot all year round.

First of all, it is the state before the treatment.

This customer has been around for 4 months since his last visit.

This time, I will bleach once and then add highlights and low lights to create contrast.

Here is the hairstyle after the treatment.

The contrast is so beautiful that everyone looks back at it once.

Please try it once.

Recommended highlights for up-style

Japanese hair salon in Somerset, Singapore

 Naoki hairdressing

 I’m Aya, a hairdresser.

 How are you all doing?

 By taking measures against corona, you may be careful and feel stressed every day without change.

 I want to change my mood!  I think that the number of people who want to change their hairstyle is increasing.

 But I don’t have the courage to cut it off … I don’t want to be able to tie it!  To be honest, it’s difficult to make a big change …  In such a case, we recommend changing your mood with color.

 Highlights on the face and neck

 Since Singapore is hot every day, I think that I often tie my hair, but if I add highlights to eliminate the feeling of being squeezed, it will add a three-dimensional effect and make it cute.

 It does a good job of blending gray hair around the face.

 I think it’s easy for people who are trying to highlight for the first time.

 What do you think?

 It may be fun to add it to your usual color ♪

 Please try it!

 see you~

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