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If you use a short bob for a hairstyle that is thin and not voluminous, you will get so much volume.

Hello, I’m Go, the director of the beauty salon NAOKI HAIR DRESSING in the Somerset area, Orchard, Singapore.

This time, I would like to propose to customers who have thin hair and not have volume, and I would like to add volume by making short bobs.

Now look at before.

Her hair is thin and straight
Hair quality that does not easily produce ryum. From here, we will make beautiful hairstyles while looking at the customer’s skeleton.

And here is after.

The volume is firmly put on the top, and the neckline is constricted to give a chief effect.

How about that? If you would like to change your hairstyle, please feel free to contact us.

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Highlights for Men’s style

Hi. I’m Aya, a hairdresser from Naoki hairdressing, a Japanese hairdresser in the Somerset area of ​​Singapore.

Thank you for reading the blog .
Recently, the number of people who challenge the highlights has increased.
It’s a great deal, so why don’t you enjoy the colors for men as well?

I’m sure many people don’t color it at all, but just adding a few highlights will change the mood.
One of the highlights is that you can emphasize the style even more by adding one point.

I usually use bleach for highlighting, but if you can’t get too bright, you can use regular colors.

Also, if you are worried about a few white hairs, you can highlight them with bleach and then dye them in gray.

It’s a little different, but why don’t you enjoy it?

see you~

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