Makeover!! With premium Straightening and highlights color


 Orchard, Somerset, Area

 Singapore hairdresser 

 This is Shinya.

I have many straightening customers.

Thank you so much

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This time the transformation plan

 First from here


 Last visited a year ago

 It seems that the hair has stretched out and the ends of the hair are dry and untidy.


 This time

 With premium hair straightening and highlighting color.

 Change to a cool impression

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 Make it a one-length bob,

 Premium hair straightening for a simple and stylish style.

The color is highlighting without bleaching.

The base color is ash.

The coloring is different from usual while suppressing the damage to the hair.

 Of course, you can straighten your hair with normal color, but it’s hard to move the hair because it’s straight, so I think it’s a good idea to add some play with highlighting.

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A short bob with a moving hairstyle.

Hello, I’m Go, the director of the beauty salon NAOKI HAIR DRESSING in Somerset, Orchard, Singapore.

For this short bob style, we will use bright coloring and light neckline to make the hairstyle move.

Now look at the before hairstyle.

Your hair is a little stiff and has no volume.  From here, make a short bob to add lightness and movement to your hair.

Here is the after hairstyle.

The shape of the head is very beautiful.  And you can get this hairstyle just by drying it very easily.

Please refer to it.

Design color ☆

I’m Aya, a hair stylist in Singapore, Orchard, and Somerset area.

 Thank you for reading my blog.

 Introducing design colors for short styles.

 Only part of the side and surface is bleached.

 I wanted a light color, so I bleached twice.  Hair tips that have been bleached in the past are bleached even more.

 It is difficult to get such a color unless you bleach until the orange taste is removed.

 Depending on the color you want, you may need to bleach several times.

 However, since the range is limited, I think that it is effective while suppressing damage.

 It is possible to do only the point color without dyeing the base, so it may be easy to challenge.

 see you~

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Premium Straightening.Before/After. Highly recommended


 Orchard, Somerset, Area

 Singapore hairdresser 

 This is Shinya.

I have many straightening customers.

Thank you so much

This time, I would like to introduce the premium hair straightening process that I always do.

 Before photo

 First, make a hair diagnosis in a dry state.

Her hair was previously highlighted by Bleach,

and Regular gray hair dyeing.

She straightened her hair long time ago.

 Customer’s request

 She want to make it a natural straight.

 She want to make daily care easier.

 She want to put the tip of the hair inside a little.

 My suggestion is

 Cut the damaged part

 Add a little layer around your face so that it fits naturally.

As a note of this straightening 

 The customer hair has a lot of bleach highlights, so It can’t use strong straightening cream, so instead of making it a perfect straight, it’s an image that calms the less frizzy hair .

 I proposed this.

Wet the hair and check it again.

And I decide a straightening cream.

Check the pH carefully and adjust it so that it does not overload the hair.

 After applying the straightening cream , leave time according to the condition of the hair.

 15 to 25 minutes

 Check the customer’s hair each time to see if the straightening cream has penetrated.

 Thoroughly flush the straightening cream and apply the necessary treatment to the hair.

 Dry the customer’s hair and start ironing.

 At this time, it is important to keep the hair moisturized with hair oil so that the water does not fly too much and become too dry.

 The ironing work is done with great care and feelings.

 After photo

 What do you think?

 Very good results.

 If you are interested, please contact with me