Short style with a long neck.

Hello, I’m Go, a beautician at Orchard in Singapore at his Somerset.

This time I will show you a short style that makes your neck look longer.

First of all, I will show you before.

The customer’s hair hits the shoulders and splashes, and the volume of the top is lost.

From here, I will try to transform it nicely while looking at the customer’s hair quality and skeleton.

This is the after style.

how is it? The neck looks long and the hair is voluminous.

Please refer to it.

Gradation color☆

I’m Aya, a hair stylist in Singapore, Orchard, and Somerset area.

 Thank you for reading my blog.

 Gradation color on Balayages

 It is an introduction of.

 First, apply a combination of highlighting and Balayages to dye the base.

 Since the roots are dyed dark, there is an advantage that it is inconspicuous even if the root hair grows, and in the case of gray hair dyeing, it can cover the gray hair well.

 Also, by making curls of the hair, you can get a sense of movement and bunch, so the color stands out and gives a three-dimensional effect.

 I think it’s best to add oil to finish it.

 Why don’t you try a different color than usual?

 see you~

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Amazing! Premium Straightening


 Orchard, Somerset, Area

 Singapore hairdresser 

 This is Shinya.

I have many straightening customers.

This time

Amazing!premium straightening 

This customer

 She have a strong habit

 If you want to straighten your premium hair, make it beautiful and straight.

 The habit was strong.  It feels like the length has changed.


 Long hair

 The unpleasant swell is also this street

 And this is

 Root retouch correction

Amazing!premium straightening 


 Even though it’s just a retouch, the whole looks strangely beautiful.

 Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

 See you next time

Thank you so much

Stop the bob style and change to a short style that gives a lot of volume.

Hello, I’m Go, a beautician at Orchard in Singapore at his Somerset.

We would like to introduce our customers’ style changes this time as well.

First of all, from the before style

It’s very easy to set just by drying, but there is no volume at the top point.  So I will make it short and add volume to the top point, and this time I will also highlight it so that it looks three-dimensional.

Let’s take a look at the after photo.

The volume is attached to the top point and it looks three-dimensional!  !!  And you look very young!  !!

Please refer to it.