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the natural highlights ☆

I’m Aya, a hair stylist in Singapore, Orchard, and Somerset area.

 Thank you for reading my blog.

 Today we would like to introduce you to the natural highlights.

 The highlights for gray hair are often bleached firmly, but not all people want bright colors.

 This time, we will introduce a slightly brighter style with less bleaching power.

 Since the bleaching power is suppressed, there is less fading and less damage.  

 Recommended for those who want to make it a little brighter .

see you〜

Finally!!new premium straightening!more good quality


 Orchard, Somerset, Area

 Singapore hairdresser 

 This is Shinya.

I have many straightening customers.

Thank you so much.

 Finally, the ultimate premium straightening is borned.

 Repeated various trials and errors,

 Incorporating various products from Japan

 A glossy and smooth straightening of curly hair has been completed.

 This is




 The feature is the touch

 Soft and smooth

 Texture that has never been straightened.

 And this shiny hair

 There is little damage and it is gentle on the hair.

 Evolved premium hair straightening

 Further up

 For the finest finish

 Stay tuned for a menu soon

Beautiful short bob style.

Hello, I’m Go, a beautician at Somerset, Orchard, Singapore.

I am in charge of many short styles and bob styles every day.

This time, I will show you a short bob style that makes the shape of your head look beautiful.

Here are the photos and videos before.

This time, we will add volume to the customer’s hairstyle and tighten the neckline to create a beautiful style.

And here are the after photos and videos.

It’s a very beautiful style.

What do you think?  Please refer to it.

The navy bule color

I’m Aya, a hair stylist in Singapore, Orchard, and Somerset area.

 Thank you for reading my blog.

 Today I would like to introduce you to the navy blue color.

 For the highlight above, I want the color fading to be gray, so I’ve been bleaching twice or three times.

 The color will be transformed into a gray highlight in two weeks.

 It’s inner color .

 After bleaching until the orange disappears with bleach, it becomes a navy color.

 It seems that the discoloration goes through gray and then to a greenish place.

 Blue colors need to be bleached well, but those who like cool colors are recommended.

See you ~