It’s makes round BOB with premium straightening


 Orchard, Somerset, Area

 Singapore hairdresser 

 This is Shinya.

I have many straightening customers.

Thank you so much.

This time, I would like to introduce a rounded bob style made with premium Straightening.

 First of all, here

 Transform this into a rounded bob style

 How about that?

 Recent rebonding can be rounded a little.

 However, it is important to blow it firmly at home.

See you soon.

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A short bob with outstanding chief effect.

Hello, I’m Go, a beautician at Somerset, Singapore’s Orchard.  I am in charge of many short styles and bob styles every day.

This time, I will show you a short style with outstanding chief effect.

By making the hair around the neck look lighter, you can get a more neck-length effect.

How is it, please refer to it.

Highlights around the face☆

Hi. I’m Aya, a hair stylist in Singapore, Orchard, and Somerset area.

 Thank you for reading my blog.

Nowadays, more and more people are enjoying highlight design …

 This time, I would like to introduce the face framing color.

 The base color is set to dark and the highlight color is beige with a little pink, so it is a design that does not have much bleach.

 You can make effective changes in a small area without losing the item.

 I think it is especially recommended for styles with long bangs.

 see you~