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Recommended hair quality for premium straightening  


 Orchard, Somerset, Area

 Singapore hairdresser 

 This is Shinya.

I have many straightening customers.

Thank you so much.

Recommended hair quality for premium straightening 

 From the conclusion, 

it is suitable for all hair types.

 It is especially recommended for those with thin hair and those with aging hair.

 Unlike conventional straightening, premium curly hair straightening is performed in a weakly acidic area.

 The chemical is slowly penetrated into the hair to reduce damage and straighten the curly hair.

Aging hair and thin hair are easy to damage.

Therefore, it is very delicate to handle.

 So I recommend premium straightening.

☆ About premium straightening ☆

① Premium Straightening is an acidic hair straightener with a pH (isoelectric point) that is gentle on the hair and does not put an extra burden on the hair. 

 ② Low odor

 With conventional rebonding , there was a peculiar smell of alkalinity, but it has been greatly reduced.

 ③ highly damaged hair and aging hair that were previously unable to use alkaline of rebonding can do beautifully.

 ④The texture is very soft and smooth and moisture.

 Experience this now!

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Handsome short style.

Hi, I’m Go, a hairdresser from Somerset, Orchard.  I am in charge of many bob styles, short styles, and color highlight styles every day.

Today’s short style is a cool short style.  Just let it dry and your hair will be fixed.

Then the before hairstyle.

From here, we will check the skeleton and hair quality and cut it.

Here is the after hairstyle.

Compact hairstyles make your neck look longer and your head look smaller.

What do you think?  Please refer to it.

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