Benefits and drawbacks of Premium Straightening


I am Shinya,

a beauty stylist from Singapore, working in Orchard, Somerset area.

 I have been handling many customers for hair straightening.

Here is the translation of the benefits and drawbacks of acid hair straightening(premium straightening)


1.Minimal damage to the hair.

Compared to alkaline straightening, acid hair straightening puts less stress on the hair, resulting in less damage.

2.Natural straightening.

This method produces a natural finish, which makes the hair easier to manage and style after treatment.

3.Adds shine to the hair.

This technique can help give the hair a healthy, youthful appearance.

4.Improves frizz and waves.

The daily upkeep of hair is made easier, and the hair remains manageable even in high humidity.


1.Longer treatment time.

Due to the time required for the chemicals to penetrate the hair, acid hair straightening takes longer to perform than regular straightening.

2.Requires thorough drying with a hair dryer.

Acid hair straightening leaves the hair soft and smooth, which makes air-drying problematic as it can cause kinks and bumps, especially for those with fine hair. It can also affect the hairline, causing it to become uneven around the ears or bounce at the shoulders.

These are the main benefits and drawbacks of acid hair straightening. Before undergoing any hair straightening treatment, it’s essential to choose the appropriate method that matches your hair type and desired style.

Bob✖️ fringes

This is Tomo, a female stylist at Naoki hairdressing salon in Orchard, Somerset area.

Today is “Bob ✖️ fringes”.

fringes can change the impression very much in any style.

no fringes on bob

bob with fringes

Both are lovely!! ︎

But I’ve recently been loving my fringes done at the cheeks and lightly one-curled!

It creates a beautiful silhouette from the side.

If you’re wondering whether to cut your fringes or not, I recommend it!

Please give it a try!

Short styles with highlight and dark colors

Hi, I’m Go, a hairdresser from Somerset, Orchard.  I am in charge of many bob styles, short styles, and color highlight styles every day.

Today’s short style is a moving highlight color and a tight dark color.

The highlight color makes it look lighter.

And it’s very beautiful when you move your hair.

The dark color makes the neck look tight and the neck looks neat.

Please try it.

Tone up with highlights ☆

Hi. I’m Aya, a Japanese hairdresser from Naoki hairdressing, a hair salon in the Orchard and Somerset areas of Singapore.

 Thank you for visiting my blog.

 Today, I added highlights to brighten the color that was dyed dark.

 One way to brighten a dark dyed state is to bleach the entire area, but this time, the color was originally brightened, and since it was retouched frequently, the dye was quite dark, so the unevenness was strong. I chose the highlight because there was a possibility that it would come out.

 We look at the image you want to be and the condition of your hair, and consult with you to choose the method that is suitable for you.

 After highlighting, I applied beige and chose a color that does not change much even after the color has faded.

 After a week, it will look one tone brighter.

 I really enjoyed the color change.

 see you~