Premium Straightening with damage hair


I’m Shinya a hairstylist  from Singapore, working in Orchard, Somerset area.

 I have been handling many customers for hair straightening.

I offer a premium hair straightening service, which is done in the weakly acidic to neutral pH range, unlike the regular straightening process that involves alkaline treatment. 

This allows for a less damaging straightening for your hair. 

The so-called “acid straightening” is equivalent to the premium hair straightening I offer.

Today, I would like to introduce a before-and-after of premium hair straightening for damage hair.

Here is the before photo, 

and here is the after photo. 

Precautions for damaged hair

Since it is difficult to adjust the chemicals to be used, I often apply several types of chemicals according to the area to be applied.

If the damage is particularly severe, we may refuse the treatment or the treatment may not go well, so please consult us.

You can feel how soft and smooth the hair is after the premium straightening

I usually recommend my customers to come for the next premium straightening in 3 to 6 months.

Thank you, and see you again.

Short hair


I am Tomo, a female stylist at Naoki hairdressing, a beauty salon in the Orchard and Somerset area.

Today is ”short hair”

Short hair not only has a beautiful silhouette, but also has a different cuteness when worn over the ears!

Short hair can be worn with or without hair over the ears.

Photos were taken by the same person on the same day, left and right.

The atmosphere looks a little different.

Try it when you want to change your mood, as you can simply wear your hair over your ears and no difficult styling is required!

Easy styling!  Simple bob and glossy color.

Hi, I’m Go, a hairdresser from Somerset, Orchard.  I am in charge of many bob styles, short styles, and color highlight styles every day.

Today’s bob style is a recommended style that is easy to style and has a glossy color.

I decided the position of the layer and cut it with an exquisite balance that is neither heavy nor light.



What do you think?  It has become a hairstyle that fits the shape of a very beautiful head.

Please talk to me about your hairstyle troubles.