Premium Straightening with Bob style


I am Shinya, a hairstylist  from Singapore, working in Orchard, Somerset area.

 I have been handling many customers for hair straightening.

I offer a premium hair straightening service, which is done in the weakly acidic to neutral pH range, unlike the regular straightening process that involves alkaline treatment. 

This allows for a less damaging straightening for your hair. 

The so-called “acid straightening” is equivalent to the premium hair straightening I offer.

This time

Introducing premium straightening hairstyles.






I’m always thinking of easy to manage for your hair  at your home.

do nothing at home,

Don’t let it dry

Not using hair care products, etc.

If that happens, the straight effect will be worse.

It’s good that you can do it, so please try your best.

I will do my best to help you until then!

see you soon

Short to medium


This is Tomo, a female stylist at Naoki hairdressing salon in Orchard, Somerset area.

This time, I will introduce the style while stretching from short hair to medium length!

short hair

It’s cute as it is!

short ✖️ bob

The neckline has a little short hair atmosphere, but it has more weight than short hair.


The layers of short hair have grown and become a bob


It has grown to shoulder length hair

The top is slightly shortened to give it an wolf cut style.

It’s cute even if you let the hair bounce outside!

You can enjoy many styles while growing out your hair.

Please try it!!

Highlight cute short style

Hi, I’m Go, a hairdresser in Somerset, Orchard. I am in charge of many bob styles, short styles, and color highlight styles every day.

The short style that I will show you today is a cute style. And add highlights to make it look even better. Then please look at the before and after.



It turned out to be a very cute short style.