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Premium  straightening is a hair rebonding performed using a weakly acidic to neutral solution, as opposed to regular hair straightening which is done using an alkaline solution. This allows with less damage to the hair.

Here are some points on what I pay attention to and am particular about when doing premium hair straightening.

Pre-treatment consultation

Since the effectiveness of premium straightening can vary depending on hair type and damage level, a pre-treatment consultation is crucial. I make sure to ask the client about their hair type, concerns, and desired style to propose the best treatment method.

Minimizing damage

Premium straightening causes less damage than regular hair straightening due to the weakly acidic to neutral solution used. However, the degree of damage can still vary depending on the type of solution used, so I choose the appropriate solution according to the client’s hair type and damage level to minimize damage.

Knowledge of technique and procedure

Premium straightening requires delicate techniques and procedures compared to regular hair straightening, making the skill of the stylist critical. I make sure to have a thorough understanding of the correct procedures and techniques and carefully carry out the treatment to achieve a satisfactory result for the customers.

Providing aftercare

Aftercare is crucial following premium straightening as the hair is under stress. I check the condition of the hair after treatment and provide necessary care methods and items to help maintain the customer’s hair in a healthy condition.

These are the points I pay attention to when doing premium straightening, and I always strive to ensure that clients can receive the treatment with confidence.

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