Very important! Four things you need to know before straightning!

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This is Shinya.

 I am very happy that more and more people are searching for Singapore Hair Straightening.

 This time

Things to be aware of before do straightening.

Those who have not straightened their hair yet,

Those who have already straightened their hair, I would like to write something that is common to all.

 1. Remember the history of your hair

This is really super important.

First of all, the hairdresser 

should ask questions about your hair history during counseling.

 (Don’t do this, the hairdresser is really crazy, so  tell it yourself right away or get the treatment done there. That’s super important)

 What is history?

 With or without color your hair (white hair dyeing, black dyeing, bleaching, self-coloring, as long as you can remember )

 With or without perm your hair (When did you perm? When did you straightening?)

 With or without treatment your hair(Keratin treatment, acid heat treatment, etc., the number of treatment products containing many chemicals has increased recently. It is quite incompatible with straightening hair, so as far as I can remember)

 2. The coloring will not fit you want.

 What does this mean?

 Hair that has been straightened is in a state of heat denaturation.

 A state in which the shape of the hair has changed due to the heat of chemicals or an iron.

 It may be difficult for the colorant to penetrate, or the color may sink easily due to invisible damage.

3.You don’t have to do all your hair every time!

 Because you don’t have to straightening your hair again where you don’t need it.

 Hair straightening is with the highest level of damage to the hair in the technical menu of the hair salon.  (As much as bleach)

 So if you don’t need it, don’t do the whole thing.

 Then what if you need it?

 When you change your style.

 4. Don’t lick the humidity in Singapore.

 Do you know the average humidity in Singapore?

 Annual average of 80% or more.

 The rainy season is 100%.

 Japan is in the rainy season, 75% -80%

 You can see how humid Singapore is.

 This humidity has a great effect on the hair.

 In Singapore, I feel that the period from straightening my hair to becoming anxious about my habits is shorter than when I live in Japan.

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