A stylish hairstyle change that dyes gray hair.

Hello, I’m Go, a stylist for the beauty salon Naoki Hair Dressing in Singapore. This time, I will introduce a hairstyle that can make a very fashionable hairstyle even though you are dyeing gray hair.

First of all, from the before photo

The customer’s request this time was to change the style and lighten the hair color. So I proposed a highlight that can be brightened with minimal damage.

This highlights only the top of the head. In the bob style and short style, the surface of the hair, that is, the top hair, causes the movement of the hair.

The finish (after) is here. How is it?

The hair moves and the neck is also effective. Please try by all means try.

Author Go

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I came to Singapore and learned about the hair quality of people from many countries.I can satisfy customers with easy-care hairstyles and stylish colors.I am good at cutting short hairstyles and hightlights colors.

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