A thorough explanation of Bobcut and shortcut. The second part.

How’s everyone today?

The last time I’ve explained “Bob-Cut”

and this time I like to share with you what is “Short-Cut”.

“Short-Cut” style is shorter than “Bob-Cut”. Most often, it is quite challenging to design a “Short-Cut” to suit the face and hair quality also plays an important part.

I will give you various advice and explain with pictures to show below.

This hairstyle is an easy-to-try cut among the “short-cut”. Even if your face is stretched or your face is round, you can hide it with this cut.

This hairstyle is also easy-to-try. The cut will give the neckline a slender and tight look with volume on top. Therefore give a very refreshing look after.

This hairstyle is “Berry-Short”. We normally will give more advices to you first because of its hairstyle nature; “cute-cool-personality” which mode ladies may not be able to accept. By the way, “Belly-Short” is easy to manage if the top bit is longer.

The last short style is a slightly creative hairstyle. This is called “Wolf-Mash-Style” giving a punk rock face. However it leaves a feminine look with soft perm done on the the top and the back.

How was it? Have you learnt something today?

All our stylists at Naoki Hair Dressing had more than 15 years of experience in Japan and we definitely could provide a suitable hairstyle for our customers.

Come book your appointment with us and look for your unique hairstyle.

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I came to Singapore and learned about the hair quality of people from many countries.I can satisfy customers with easy-care hairstyles and stylish colors.I am good at cutting short hairstyles and hightlights colors.

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