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Today about the color fading when bleaching. If you use bleach for highlights, section colors, etc., the color will fade faster than the base color.
Depending on how bright the bleach is, the result after the color fades will also change.
In most cases it will turn yellow.
Let’s take a look with my bangs!

After bleaching twice and hair tips three times, I used an alkaline color to make it blue.

became blue color

One week later.↓↓

The color has faded a little.
two weeks later.↓↓

I can feel the yellowness toward the root.  And the color of the base is getting brighter.
After one month↓↓

the color disappears and it becomes a slightly dull yellow.

Before the color fades so far, I think it’s a good idea to use a color shampoo to make the color last longer.

What did you think?  Discoloration after bleaching is inevitable, but it may be a little darker so that you can enjoy the process of retreating.  Please use it as a reference.

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