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 I’m Aya.

 Recently, the number of customers who enjoy color design has increased.

 So, I would like to tell you about the color care of bleach-on color.

 The color you put in after bleaching will fade in about two weeks.

 After brightening it with bleach, if you add a color to a slightly darker eye, the color will not fade completely and the dullness will remain, so it will blend in with other parts even after fading.

 But that doesn’t last long either.  If you are worried about yellowing or fading, it is recommended to use color shampoo.

 What is color shampoo?

 Those that can be temporarily colored with shampoo or treatment.  Differences in color and color development differ depending on the manufacturer.  A typical example is a purple shampoo that suppresses the yellowness that appears after bleaching.

 ~ How to use ~

 (1) It is effective to start using color shampoo before the color fades, and it is recommended to start using it about a week after coloring.

 (2) I think it’s enough to use it 2-3 times a week, but it’s not a bad thing to use every day.

 ③ Allow time with bubbles to make it easier to fix the color.

 ④ If you are using styling products, shampoo once and then use color shampoo a second time.

 ~ Things to be careful ~

 (1) When you arrive at one place, only that part will be dyed deeply and the color will be uneven.  Spread it firmly on your hands and then apply it to your hair.

 ② Because it is shampoo, the sink is firm.

 ③ Know that residual pigment remains.  Even if you bleach again, the color may remain.  If the color remains strong, you may not be able to get the desired color.There are some that you should stop using about two weeks before you plan to color.

 Based on the above, I hope you can use it.

 Especially when you are doing gradation color or section color, you can bleach frequently, so you can continue to enjoy the color with color shampoo.

 Of course, the color will be more beautiful if you recolor it at the beauty salon on the way, so please enjoy it together.

 see you~

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