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 This time about the highlight color at Naoki



 It takes about two and a half to three hours for cuts and highlight colors.

 It depends on the style you want to do and the current situation, but it takes time to make it brighter.

 (If you need to bleach more than once, you will need more time.)


 There are various ways to do it, but there are cases where you add highlighting once, let it flow, and then do the entire color, or you can do the base color and highlighting at the same time.

 This will be related to the finish, so

 We will make a proposal after consultation each time.


 The price is cut + highlight + color in the set menu

 above shoulder $ 270

 below shoulder $ 330

 If you make a reservation online, please select this set menu.

 * May vary depending on the number of bleaches.

 * Different for one point only


 Treatment is essential to proceed with the treatment without damage.  We will propose at least the one that is mixed with bleach to minimize the damage.  Plex treatment + $ 60

 Other after-treatments are also available.  + $ 60 ~

 [Home care]

 Home care is also very important.

 Even if the treatment is performed with less damage, the damage will progress as long as it is handled properly at home.  Naoki offers the finest home care series.

 Color home care

 Color fading with bleaching is undeniable.

 Depending on the type of color and the style you want to be, we may recommend using a color shampoo or color treatment to repair the color.

 What do you think?

 Whether you have tried the highlights or not, please feel free to ask the stylist in charge if you have any questions.

 see you~

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