Amazing! Colored hair with premium straightening !


 This is Shinya.

 This time

 Make beautiful hair with premium straightening!

 First of all, 

I have to explain

 What is different from normal straightening?

 1. Less damage than normal straightening.

 2. More naturally soft texture

 3. Compatible with high-damaged hair and bleached hair(Needs discussion)

 We use special chemicals in our shop.  

Probably no other salon is available in Singapore.

 This customer.

 Color history

 Highlight bleach-on color, 

then faded and then colored several times.

 Well, the condition of the hair is quite awkward.

 It has become beautiful.

 The highlight part is also glossy.

 This customer

 Bleach color on the inner hair.

 Others are normal colors,

but since the customer often use irons, the dryness is noticeable.

 It has become beautiful.

 The inner bleach part is also good!!

 If you have any concerns, 

we are looking forward to hearing from you.

 See you again

 * Bleached hair may be refused depending on the degree of damage.

Author Shinya

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Hello! I’m Shinya, the shop manager I always suggest easy DIY hairstyle so that my customers are able to be their own hairstylist at home! I specialized in digital perming and hair straightening! Do make an appointment and visit me soon!

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