Anti aging for hair and scalp

【Anti aging】Prevention to skin and scalp from getting older. The hair becomes thin, the elasticity is lost and the luster is lost.

Use hair-dryer

Scalp massage

This three are important for anti aging for the scalp. We highly recommend using Moisturizer for the scalp and using hair-dryer after wash as soon as possible. Also to apply moisturizer to scalp and a good massage is effective in regaining the flexibility of the scalp and promotes healthy scalp and hair growth.

It is important to dry the scalp with a hair dryer immediately after shampooing, and if left untreated for a long time, germs will propagate and problems such as itchiness, odor, and inflammation will easily occur.

Also, Hair brushing is quite effective too. By gently applying a brushing stimulus to the scalp, it is expected that circulation of blood and lymph flow will improve.
Not only that, it can also be expected to lift facial skin.
let’s try scalp care that can be done at the comfort of your home first. We are always ready to help you. Thank you.

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