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Refresh your hair colour

Special Shampoo & Mask to Prolong your colour 1 use to see/feel the difference!  Paraben Free, SLS/SLES Free Organic extract Shampoo/mask colors: – Silvery Ash  […]

How to prevent alopecia/baldness?

Do you have the habit of combing your hair neatly in the morning and evening to prevent baldness? Every morning and evening to comb 50 times, can stimulate the scalp to improve hai […]

How to improve oily scalp?

No matter dry or oily, there will be oil in the scalp. Because the subcutaneous sebum glands secrete oil to moisturize the scalp and protect the moisture of the scalp, it is rarely […]

Refresh your hair colour

I believe that every person who has dyed their hair had encounter the same problem. The hair often becomes dry and lusterless after colouring and thus causing split ends. Everyone […]