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2 Step treatment for colour hair

About 70% of customers who come to the hair salon do hair coloring.  Among them, less than 10% of people take care of hair in a beauty salon, and about 15% of people do home care a […]


【Shichi-go-san】In Japan there are lots of event in each season. A  typical event in November is 【Shichi-go-san】Shichi-go-san (standing for ages of seven, five and three) is a […]

Anti aging for hair and scalp

【Anti aging】Prevention to skin and scalp from getting older. The hair becomes thin, the elasticity is lost and the luster is lost.①Moisturizing ②Use hair-dryer ③Scalp massage This […]


OWAY is an Italy product that is 100% Organic. This product is also child friendly. In Europe, many people are aware of environmental issues therefore it’s packaging and containers […]