Bob can see the shape of his head!

Hello Go stylist. I propose the best bob style every day while paying attention to the hair quality and skeleton of the customer. Today’s Bob style! !!

First from before hairstyle

The ends of the hair flutter outside, and even when viewed from the side, there is no volume at the top and it looks flat. When I cut his hair from here while looking at the hair quality and skeleton, it looks like this.


How about it, it has a beautiful head shape and the tips of the hair are also inside. This bob style is just dried and put together. Depending on the hair quality, we will propose a perm or straight hair. By the way, by adding highlights, you can get a more three-dimensional effect. How was it?

I will also have fun telling Bob next time.

Author Go

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I came to Singapore and learned about the hair quality of people from many countries.I can satisfy customers with easy-care hairstyles and stylish colors.I am good at cutting short hairstyles and hightlights colors.

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