Bob cut , short cut , thorough explanation. First part.

Various bob styles

Singapore is hot all year round. Most people like to keep their hair short and cool and if you are wondering what kind of hairstyle suits you, here’s what I like to share today:


Both hair cuts are above the shoulder and often, t covers part of your face. A few centimeters of hair-cut will make a lot of difference to suit your face shape.

Below are some pictures I like to show and explain further.

This hairstyle is Bob with no layers. Since there are no bangs, you can style it just by drying your hair. It looks cool and is easily manageable at the comfort of your home.

Need to attend a party? With the help of a curling tong, it gives this bob style a touch of elegance. Give it a nice hot curl for a few seconds and voila! You are ready to go!

This hairstyle involves layer cutting, giving the neckline a thin and slim look. You can also set this hairstyle by simply drying it and styling it freely, leaving you a fresh and easy-going look!

This hairstyle is Bob with bangs. The entire looks changed with bangs. They are intentionally asymmetrical cut so that they can flow sideways. All you need is to curl up a little at the ends with a straightening iron to achieve a soft impression look!

This hairstyle is Bob in the clavicle line. Bangs are thick and gives a cute impression. Achieving this hairstyle is also an easy job with the help of a curler roller or curling tong. However, I recommend a digital perm. A one time perm that give you ease in styling.

This hairstyle is Bob on shoulder line. One of the easiest to maintain hairstyle that doesn’t require much styling. All I intentionally did was to give it a few shake off on the tresses and make it look light.

Have you learnt something about Bob-Cuts today? I hope you do!

Every bob style is different and it’s impression varies depending on the bangs and length of hair.

I will share about Short-Cuts next! Do drop by our blog page soon!

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