The cutest hairstyle for straightening hair!!


 I’m Shinya.

 This time, I will introduce the hairstyles that are most ordered by many customers who straighten their hair.

 Among the many customers who straighten curly hair, the most ordered hairstyle is Bob Style!

 Bob has many styles.

I will introduce it.  Please check it out,

 •Long Bob

 This is about a little longer than the shoulder, about the length of the collarbone.

 This hairstyle is recommended for those who want to grow and those who are Bob but want to tie it tightly.

 •Classic Bob

This is the Bob style that everyone imagines when they hear it as Bob.

 A rounded style with a length that makes the nape of the neck visible or invisible.  I want to challenge Bob, but I don’t want to be that short.  Recommended for such people.

 •The most ordered Minimum Bob

 As the name suggests, this is a compact bob style.

 It’s not short hair style, but it’s a fairly short bob style.

 A stylish bob style that is cute even if you put it on your ears.

 Recommended for those who are tired of the heavy bob style and who want to shorten it and change their mood.

 What do you think?  

All bob styles go perfectly with straightening hair!

 The hair straightening I make can be soft and natural!

 If you are interested, please contact Shinya

 We are looking forward to hearing from you.

A short bob with a small head.

Hello, this is Go, a stylist. Today I would like to introduce a short bob with a layer around the neck.

First of all, before style.

The hair on the back is stretched and flat and has no volume. If you add layers from here and make it compact.

This is after.

how is it? The volume comes behind and the head looks even smaller. The neckline is also refreshing and the neck looks long.

You can enjoy various changes such as the shape of the head and the neck look longer with the cut. Please enjoy it again next time.

Thank you very much.

Highlights that make gray hair less noticeable

Thank you for visiting Naoki hairdressing.

This is Aya.
 This time about the highlights that make gray hair less noticeable. I’m worried because gray hair grows quickly and stands out. This trouble that everyone has.  Until now, the solution was to dye it dark, but there is also a way to camouflage by creating bright areas. By making bright hair that is close to gray hair, it is easy to get used to the stretched part and it is inconspicuous, so stress is reduced.  In addition, the range of designs will expand, making it fun to color!

 First, give fine highlights around the face, which has a lot of gray hair.

 The gray hair at the base isn’t very noticeable already ~
 Then, dye the whole with a medicine that does not turn black.
 Here is the finish.

 The roots will grow in 2 weeks to 1 month, but the highlights will fade and the border with gray hair will become familiar.

 With this method, you can use bleach to add highlights in detail, and it is easier to get used to it if the base is not too dark, so the overall brightness will be reasonable. If you are aiming for a solid contrast, I think it would be better to put a low light in between. It also uses bleach, so care is absolutely necessary. The recommended design will change depending on the amount of gray hair and the condition of the base color, so please consult with your stylist.
 see you~

Amazing! Even such hair can be Premium Straightening.


This is Shinya.

I make beautiful hair of many customers every day.

Thank you very much.


Can I straighten this kind of hair??

The customer asks a question.

 This time blog is 

Amazing! Even such hair can be Premium Straightening.

It’s better to see it than to explain it.

This customer

Customers have color and bleach highlights hair.

She did Straightening about a year ago, and the highlights and colors were about two months ago.

 If you straighten your hair normally, it will cause a lot of damage.



 Premium Straightening can do it.

 Of course, since it is bleached hair,

it is important to take care of it in advance with a treatment as it is.

 Please see

 It has become beautiful hair.


 This customer

 She have a very strong curly from the root.

 Premium Straightening is suitable not only for damaged hair but also for people with strong curly hair.

 how is it?

 It has become beautiful hair.

 We use different types of Premium Straightening cream for all hair types, hair curly, and damages, so we can handle them.

 If can I do it with my hair⁈ 

If you have any doubts like that, please feel free to contact Shinya.

 Let’s make beautiful hair together!

Bob can see the shape of his head!

Hello Go stylist. I propose the best bob style every day while paying attention to the hair quality and skeleton of the customer. Today’s Bob style! !!

First from before hairstyle

The ends of the hair flutter outside, and even when viewed from the side, there is no volume at the top and it looks flat. When I cut his hair from here while looking at the hair quality and skeleton, it looks like this.


How about it, it has a beautiful head shape and the tips of the hair are also inside. This bob style is just dried and put together. Depending on the hair quality, we will propose a perm or straight hair. By the way, by adding highlights, you can get a more three-dimensional effect. How was it?

I will also have fun telling Bob next time.