Amazing! Even such hair can be Premium Straightening.


This is Shinya.

I make beautiful hair of many customers every day.

Thank you very much.


Can I straighten this kind of hair??

The customer asks a question.

 This time blog is 

Amazing! Even such hair can be Premium Straightening.

It’s better to see it than to explain it.

This customer

Customers have color and bleach highlights hair.

She did Straightening about a year ago, and the highlights and colors were about two months ago.

 If you straighten your hair normally, it will cause a lot of damage.



 Premium Straightening can do it.

 Of course, since it is bleached hair,

it is important to take care of it in advance with a treatment as it is.

 Please see

 It has become beautiful hair.


 This customer

 She have a very strong curly from the root.

 Premium Straightening is suitable not only for damaged hair but also for people with strong curly hair.

 how is it?

 It has become beautiful hair.

 We use different types of Premium Straightening cream for all hair types, hair curly, and damages, so we can handle them.

 If can I do it with my hair⁈ 

If you have any doubts like that, please feel free to contact Shinya.

 Let’s make beautiful hair together!

Bob can see the shape of his head!

Hello Go stylist. I propose the best bob style every day while paying attention to the hair quality and skeleton of the customer. Today’s Bob style! !!

First from before hairstyle

The ends of the hair flutter outside, and even when viewed from the side, there is no volume at the top and it looks flat. When I cut his hair from here while looking at the hair quality and skeleton, it looks like this.


How about it, it has a beautiful head shape and the tips of the hair are also inside. This bob style is just dried and put together. Depending on the hair quality, we will propose a perm or straight hair. By the way, by adding highlights, you can get a more three-dimensional effect. How was it?

I will also have fun telling Bob next time.

What to do with the next color after highlighting

Thank you for visiting NAOKI hairdressing. 

This is Aya. Today, I’m often asked what the color will look like after highlighting, so I’d like to answer.

 Highlight the whole thing like this. This time, I added it so that the highlights can be seen evenly throughout. The degree of bleaching at this time leads to a change in color after finishing and fading.

 And on-color. Once the whole color was added, it was beautifully finished!

 one month later…

The color faded like that. You can see the highlights of the last time beautifully. So today I only retouched it.

 The highlights you put in once will remain.  So, depending on the color cycle, I will make use of it after adding highlights.  Whether to grow only by retouching, or by layering colors on the whole. If you want more brightness, add highlights again. However, it is very difficult to retouch the exact same place if you add fine highlights.  Normally, if you add more highlights, the tips of the hair will become brighter and create a splendid gradation.  That’s why color grows.
 It depends on the design you want to do, but I think it’s best to highlight it about once every 3 to 4 months. It is also good to apply foil color once every three months and enjoy the design change ♪ 

see you!

The best hair treatment in Singapore.


This is Shinya.


This time,

 Hair is a little messy and frizzy.

But I don’t want to straighten my hair.

I want to make it easy to manage for my hair.

 I want glossy my hair.

 Introduction of menu for such people.

The best hair treatment in Singapore.


It’s name is Bigami Treatment.

Makes your hair shiny and silky.



 It’s amazing!!



 What kind of hair is suitable for Bigami Treatment?

 Hair quality:Thin hair to normal hair is more suitable.

 Hair volume: Any hair volume can be expected to be effective.

 Damage level:Hair with some damage can be expected to be more effective.  But Not very suitable for virgin hair.

 How long does  Bigami last??

 About one to one and a half months.  This depends greatly on the hair quality.  The effect lasts longer than ordinary treatments.

 The key to sustaining the effect is

After the first treatment, the second times treatment within one month, and then three times treatments one and a half months later.

 We recommend 3 treatments in a short period of time.

 It’s very beautiful

 If you have beautiful hair, you will want to go out!

 By all means for Bigami and Straightening

 Please ask Shinya.

 See you again

Bob style. Part 2

Hello Go stylist. I make a lot of bob styles. I will introduce Bob style this time as well.

By the way, here is the hairstyle before.

And here is a short bob with a lower front and a constricted neckline.

This short bob has a constricted neckline and a voluminous top, and is cut downward.

I recommend this Bob because it looks very small when viewed from behind. And by cutting it downward, it can also be used to correct the skeleton around the face. After all, the set is easily decided just by drying it, so it is highly recommended for people who have trouble blowing.

We will propose colors and perms depending on the hair quality and skeleton of each customer.

Thank you very much.