Causes of itching of the scalp and countermeasures.

Hello, I am Go.  I often get a question from a customer when my scalp becomes itchy even though I shampoo well.

I also get itchy due to irritation such as when I color it.

Today, I will talk about some causes and countermeasures for such customers.

Cause1 You are washing with your nails upright.

Isn’t the itching of the skin subsided and you wash your nails with your nails raised?  If you wash your nails upright, your scalp will be scratched.
Bacteria enter from here and lead to itching and inflammation.

Countermeasuresw ash with the pad of your finger.

First of all, please rinse your scalp thoroughly with a shower.  If there is no water on the scalp, it will not foam firmly.  And when it foams, wash it like a massage with the pad of your finger.  And please rinse well.  Scalp shampoo or any remaining scalp can also cause itching.

Cause2 You are washing with a strong shampoo.

Most of the shampoos sold on the market have strong detergency.Washing the scalp with a strong shampoo removes the oil required for the scalp. When the scalp dries, it becomes itchy.

Countermeasures Use organic shampoo or shampoo from a beauty salon.

Organic shampoos and shampoos sold at beauty salons are mild and have weak detergency.  Therefore, it is a shampoo that removes only dirt from the scalp and hair and is very gentle on the skin.  Rinse thoroughly and wash the shampoo as in the countermeasure for cause 1.

Cause3 After shampooing, I’m sleeping without drying.

If you fall asleep without drying after shampooing, bacteria are likely to grow and itching may occur.  And if you fall asleep without drying, the scalp may smell due to the growth of bacteria.

Countermeasures After shampooing well, let’s dry and sleep.

It is natural, but if you sleep well, it is unlikely that bacteria will grow, so even if it is troublesome, let’s dry your hair and scalp thoroughly before going to bed.

How was it?  If itching still occurs after trying these measures, it is recommended that you consult a doctor once.

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