How often should I dye my hair?

Hair colour makes your hair more beautiful. It’s nice after colour, but your original hair roots will grow still.

“My hair colour has faded..”

“My white hair is coming out..”

You know how often others dye their hair?

Well dyed hair from roots to ends, looks shiny.

Once a month

  • Over 40’s, who has white hair as much as black one, want to cover white hair.
  • Those who enjoy high tone colour, mind black part on the roots. it stands out.

grey hair need to dyed every month. It is kind of maintenance. usually, more times than hair cut.

Even if it is necessary, there is a certain impact to your hair. So it is important to do treatment constantly.

Once a two month

  • 30’s, 40’s, whose white hair start to increase. dye hair lightly and make white hair vague.
  • Those who enjoy fashion colour, medium ~ high level colour.

Once every 2 month is common in our salon.

It depends on the condition whether it needs to dye only root or whole hair.

Once a three month or more

  • Those who has less or no white hair, colour level is medium ~ dark.

If colour level is dark, it is still OK. But you might feel a change of color is better!

Generally, hair colour last 3 month. if it’s passed more, colour on the ends fade too much and roots como out more than 2 inches.

People look beautiful and young with coloured hair. Let’s keep your hair with nice colour.

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