combination of Bigami and rebonding hair


 Last time, I told you about the combination of BIGAMI treatment on bleach hair.

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 This time, we will tell you about the compatibility between NAOKI’s original BIGAMI treatment and hair rebonding, with a video.

 The model this time is rebonding hair with a highlight color.

 I will do BIGAMI treatment for this hair.

 ※Customize more than 30 treatments to suit your hair condition👌

 The first treatment is applied to the hair ends after shampooing.

Rinse after 3 minutes.

Next, apply treatment from the middle of the ends hair rebonding to the tip of the hair.

Since the hair is rebonding, be soft touch.

Wrap and wait for 15 to 20 minutes.

Next, spray mist evenly.

 The touch is getting better and better.

After that, drain and blow dry.

 This time I finish with a 120-degree iron.

The hair became shiny and firm.

I think that the BIGAMI effect will improve the length of rebonding hair 👍

I think that BIGAMI treatment is excellent for those who have rebonding  hair.

As an example,

 If you are regular hair straightener,

 A combination of rebonding the newroot hair at the root and applying BIGAMI treatment to the hair that has already been straightened.

 This is a very luxurious combination.

* Customize more than 30 treatments according to your hair condition.

 Adjust the temperature of the iron to make it feel better.

 We will help you make daily care easier.

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