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 This is Shinya.

I have many straightening customers.

Thank you so much.

This time, the design is straight hair style.

It is an application of hair straightening.

First of all, before and after

This customer is

She had a digital perm a few months ago.

Due to that influence, the hair is spreading and not being able to organise.

The damage level is also coloured, so there are quite a few hair ends.

The hair type is ageing hair with soft hair.

I have three suggestions.

1. Make everything straight

2. Straighten only the spreading part (surface) of the hair

3. Leave only one curl of the tip of the hair and straighten it.

The customer’s request is 3.

Using a special method

Adjust the straightening so that the perm of the tip of the hair fits well.

Click here for the finish

The hair quality changes depending on the condition of the hair,

This time it was only straight, but if you need it, you may get a perm.

Please feel free to contact us.

Author Shinya

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