How should I dye my white hair? 【cover? brighter?】

How do you manage your grey hair?

There are a lot of ways to colour hair. Many people enjoy it.

How do others cover grey hair? What is the good way for you?

1. Covering with dark tone colour

  • Black – dark brown
  • Perfect coverage for grey colour. It lasts long.

Dark colour pigment stay inside hair. If you want to cover your grey hair completely, it’s suitable for you.

2. Colouring with medium tone colour

  • Brown – light brown
  • Similar to fashion(normal) colour

It was not possible to dye grey hair with lighter colour in the past. But nowadays technology has improved and we can enjoy more variety of colours.

It is good for those who are in the initial stage of grey hair. If you are so, you might be considering “Should I change my hair colouring to one for grey hair?”

If you have been enjoying bright, vivid hair colouring for long time already, I think there is resistance to change your hair colour to darker one. So, second option matches you.

3. Grey hair colouring + highlight

  • Brown +highlight
  • Highlight vary

There are various good effects by adding highlights to the regular grey hair colouring.

  • In addition to cover grey hair, it’s possible to make hair look brighter
  • It looks shiny with highlight
  • Growing grey hair looks vague with highlight
  • You can try different image of hair easily

Highlight varies from natural, blended colour design to distinct, clear ones.

If you try highlight, which kinds of design would you like to try?

Check highlights designs!

Important part, ‘How you’d like to show yourself’

Let’s say you meet people for the first time, one has black hair, the other has blonde hair.

You might have some guess or assumption to them, right?

Hair colour affects people’s impression so much.

Let’s think about how to show yourself together!

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