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Hi I’m Aya,a hair stylist in Singapore, Orchard, and Somerset area. 

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 Today I would like to introduce you to ear loop color.

 The ear loop color is a design color that bleaches the bundle of hair around the sideburns.

 Because it bleaches, you can enjoy bright colors, or you can add natural tones and enjoy it secretly.

 Either way, it’s sure to be a style accent.

 By the way, it is also ideal for those who are worried about sideburns and white hair around the temples!  If you brighten it with bleach, it will easily blend in with the growing white hair, so it will not stand out.

 Even if you enjoy adding colors like this, the colors have faded in about a month.

 Even if the root grows, there is no problem with retouching like other parts, so once you put it in, you can enjoy it for a while.

 I think the earring color is easy to fit short and bob style.  It is also recommended for those who often wear it on their ears.

 I think it is the easiest design color to incorporate, so please try it.

 see you~

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