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How’s everyone today?

How was the Bobcut shortcut article I wrote ? Today I will explain about long hair for students . There are many people with long hair in Singapore. Some people with long hair have a gradation color. However, I don’t see many people have their hair set [Maybe the set will collapse due to moisture.]But most people wants to be fashionable if they are out shopping on their day off. So this time, I will explain and recommend some ideas for students with long hair.

First, the explanation of the curl iron style.

If you do best, this style maybe possible. But when you set your hair in a beauty salon, it looks really beautiful. Because Japanese hairdressers are licensed and professional. Walking through Somerset and Orchard with a beautiful hairstyle will make you feel even better.

Next, I will explain the digital perm that can be set by drying.

A digital perm can be dried to create a large curl at the tip of the hair and increase the volume. The effect of digital perm is semi-permanent. So digital perm last longer[However, you need to fix it again in about 6 months.

The last is explanation of straight perm.

How was it?

Consider transforming yourself with fashionable hairstyle and make lots of fun memories. NAOKI HAIR DRESSING is a place to help beauty.

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I came to Singapore and learned about the hair quality of people from many countries.I can satisfy customers with easy-care hairstyles and stylish colors.I am good at cutting short hairstyles and hightlights colors.

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