Good food for hair and skin!10 selections I teach! !!

Hello, I’m a Go stylist.Today I would like to teach you foods that are good for your hair and skin.

It’s more fun to know and eat than to eat while thinking (Is this good for hair and skin?).

Today I will tell you about such food.

1,Seaweeds of hijiki and wakame seaweed!

Seaweeds are high in dietary fiber and minerals.It ’s a very good food for hair nutrition.It also contains a lot of vitamins that condition the skin.


Oysters contain zinc, which keeps the skin rejuvenated and the hair healthy.


Yogurt contains B vitamins.B vitamins also act on hair nourishment and skin turnover.


Eggs contain proteins that are essential for making healthy hair.And it contains a lot of biotin that supports the making of beautiful skin.

5,Green and yellow vegetables!

Green and yellow vegetables contain a lot of vitamin C, iron and calcium and are essential for maintaining the health of hair and skin.


Lycopene is contained in tomatoes, and it is a very versatile ingredient for conditioning the scalp and maintaining beautiful skin.

7,Sesame seeds!

Sesame seeds are high in vitamin E, which promotes blood circulation, and nourishes hair and skin.


Walnuts are good for hair, and almonds and peanuts are good for skin.


Soy isoflavones have the effect of keeping the skin beautiful. Since soybeans are proteins, they are very effective for hair.


Eel contains a lot of vitamin A and B vitamins and supports the health of skin and hair.

Please use it for future self-care by knowing foods that are good for your hair and skin.

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