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I’m Aya, a hair stylist in Singapore, Orchard, and Somerset area.

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 Recently, I feel that it has become established to add highlights so that your white hair will become familiar.

 So, let’s review today …

 The highlights for gray hair dyeing are recommended for these people

 ☆ I want to graduate from gray hair dyeing that dyes black

 ☆ I have gray hair but I want to enjoy the color

 ☆ I want to get used to the white hair that grows hard

 By the way, a transition period is required to graduate from gray hair dyeing.

 We will consult with you after checking the condition of your hair.


 This is the state where the root has grown since the highlight design last time.

 With highlighting, it looks like this …

 The finish is a little darker.

 If you graduate from gray hair dyeing in earnest, you need to gradually brighten the base color.

 It is recommended because the roots are less noticeable than dyeing it in black and you can enjoy the color.

 see you~

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