natural highlight for grey hair

【Recommended!】Highlight for grey colouring

Why highlight is good for grey hair colouring

Hair looks lighter

Generally, hair colour product for grey hair contains dark pigments to dye white hair. So, results tend to be darker than normal colouring. The lightness is usually around 6 to 9.

When you add highlight, it makes overall hair lightness lighter because the base colour and highlight are blended.

It looks more natural even if it grows and white hair comes out

You would mind when your hair grows 1~2 month after colouring. Because original hair looks different from coloured hair.

By adding highlight, the boundary becomes vague. Both your original hair and coloured hiar have belended colour(black & white + highlight & base colour)

So, you can enjoy salon colour longer.

It looks shiny

Highlight come out in the appearance of some stripes. It gives hair good shine! Some customers are worried about chemical damage and hair could look dry? But actually, highlight leads your hair to nicer look.

3 design pattens of “Highlight with Grey colouring”

Natural blended

Recommended those who want to make their hair shiny. It’s refined finish.

12 level Highlight on Natural brown 8 level

Bright colour with beige highlight

Recommended for those who want lighter finish. It looks elegant.

Beige 14 level Highlight on Ash level 9

Vivid colour with highlight

Recommended for those who want to change self-image. Tet’s try different!

Pink 13 level Highlight on Reddish pink level 6

Did you find what you want to try?

Hair colour with highlight has wide range of design.

Let me suggest hair colour if you are interested in highlight. Update your grey hair colouring now!

Foil work for highlight

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