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Hi. I’m Aya, a Japanese hairdresser from Naoki hairdressing, a hair salon in the Orchard and Somerset areas of Singapore.

 Thank you for visiting my blog.

 This time, I changed the design by adding highlights to the darkened parts of the home color.

 I also tried inner color on the sideburns.

 This is the first stage.  In the future, I would like to aim to make the whole thing look about level 12, including the highlights.

 This time, I would like to request that you do not use your Box color as much as possible, and if you do, use a bright color agent and only dye the areas that you are really concerned about.  This is all we need your cooperation with.

 In the future, I think that I will reach my goal by doing highlights and overall color again.

 After that, I think you can enjoy the color design by retouching once every month and a half to two months and then adding highlights.

 Bleach can now be treated with considerably less damage than before.

 We also offer excellent treatments, so you can take care of yourself afterwards.  The width of the design spreads!

 Please contact us by all means.

 see you~

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Hi I’m Aya. I have been working as a hairdresser for 17 years. Using my experience of styling many peoples hair in Japan, I can suggest you suitable hairstyle with all my heart.

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