Highlights that make gray hair less noticeable

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 This time about the highlights that make gray hair less noticeable. I’m worried because gray hair grows quickly and stands out. This trouble that everyone has.  Until now, the solution was to dye it dark, but there is also a way to camouflage by creating bright areas. By making bright hair that is close to gray hair, it is easy to get used to the stretched part and it is inconspicuous, so stress is reduced.  In addition, the range of designs will expand, making it fun to color!

 First, give fine highlights around the face, which has a lot of gray hair.

 The gray hair at the base isn’t very noticeable already ~
 Then, dye the whole with a medicine that does not turn black.
 Here is the finish.

 The roots will grow in 2 weeks to 1 month, but the highlights will fade and the border with gray hair will become familiar.

 With this method, you can use bleach to add highlights in detail, and it is easier to get used to it if the base is not too dark, so the overall brightness will be reasonable. If you are aiming for a solid contrast, I think it would be better to put a low light in between. It also uses bleach, so care is absolutely necessary. The recommended design will change depending on the amount of gray hair and the condition of the base color, so please consult with your stylist.
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