Highlights to eliminate redness

I’m Aya, a beautician in the Somerset area of ​​Singapore Orchard.

Here is a recommended method for those who want to eliminate the redness peculiar to black hair.

Redness and orangeness that come out by brightening the ground hair. Actually, the only way to suppress this color is to remove the melanin pigment.
However, even if you can’t brighten the whole thing, you can add highlights to make it more saturated.

By applying fine highlighting and coloring, the melanin pigment can be removed firmly in the highlighted area, so you can create a color that makes you see more gray and blue.

First, if you add a darker color so that the highlights are less noticeable, the color will last longer, and the dullness will remain even after the color has faded, so it is unlikely that it will completely return to yellow.

There are highlights to add as a design, but there are also highlights to make the colors look gorgeous, so I think you may try it.
see you~

Author Aya

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