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 This is Shinya.

I have many straightening customers.

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This time You’re worried about your habit and can’t make it short hair.

 Solve such your worries.

This time 

Short hair style with Premium Straightening


 First of all, please see here.

 This hair style is not many layers,

 Bob style.

She has a strong habit, so She couldn’t put a layer on the top.

 With premium straightening

  I making a little roundness.

 The neckline is also thin to give a light impression.

 Next customer 

 Since it contains layers, She has a strong habit.

 Premium straightening will make it easier to organize.

 To a natural short style without taking too much habit

 What do you think?

 If you are worried about your hair habits

 Please contact with me.

 See you again

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