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 This is Shinya.

I have many straightening customers.

Thank you so much.

This time

 I would like to explain in detail about premium straightening.

 Features of premium straightening!


 1.The finish is very smooth and soft texture.

With conventional straightening, the texture of the finished product is hard and gives a crispy impression.

 Isn’t your image of straightening your hair really straight and it feels like you’ve curled your hair?

 Anyway, it gives a soft and natural impression.

 2.It can also be used for damaged hair and aging hair.

 Since Premium Hair Straightening uses a special chemical, it can be applied to extremely fine hair and hair with strong damage.

 * If the damage is too strong or the habit is strong and there is damage, the habit may remain or it may be refused.

 3.Hair looks beautiful and youthful!

 This is important!  Glossy hair!  Hair that you always want to touch!

 Please leave it to us for premium hair straightening.

 If you have any questions by phone or message, we will answer them.

 Please feel free to contact us.

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