Home care tips for hair colour

2 things you must do at home.

Use color shampoo for colored hair

How to maintain your hair color without breaking your bank? Using color care shampoo is crucial in giving your hair dye a longer lasting effect while retaining its shine on your tresses. I recommend you a good range of color shampoo and color care treatment where you can work your magic at the comfort of home.

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My colleague wrote about this more “Refresh your hair colour”

Dry your hair after wash

The essential part for colour care is…

DRY YOUR HAIR after wash!!

Most people do not dry their hair and allow it to naturally dry it. However I strongly recommend this drying process to be crucial because when your hair is wet, it’s cuticle opens up. This means the pigment in the hair cuticle fades it’s color very fast. Thus, your hair color fades away easily and you will require a re fun at maintenance on the long run.

I hope my short article gives you some knowledge about hair color and how to maintain for longer lasting effects!

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