How to care for colored hair

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 I’m Aya.

 Recently, the number of customers who challenge the highlights has increased.

 Therefore, here are some points to note regarding the care of colored hair, including bleaching.

 * Choosing shampoo is important!  Amino acid shampoo with mild detergency is essential.

 (Recently, a very good new shampoo has appeared in Naoki, so please try it ♪)

 * The temperature of hot water when shampooing is 35 to 38 degrees.

 * Shampoo should be rubbed with the pad of your finger.

 * The sink before and after shampoo is firm.

 (Hold the shower in your hand and let it flow close to the skin)

 * Do not rub the hair against each other when applying treatment or towel drying.

 (When you wear a mask, comb it with a rough comb so that the treatment will be familiar to you.)

 * Dry with a dryer immediately after towel drying.  Don’t forget to apply a non-flushing treatment.

 * The temperature of the iron is up to about 140 degrees.  It takes about 2 to 3 seconds to hit the same place.  (Especially bleached hair)

 Bleached hair, in particular, is clearly in a different condition than regular colored hair.

 The color fades very quickly, and the temperature and friction of the hot water when shampooing also causes damage. 

 When using a curl iron or straight iron, please note that the color may change if you iron it at a high temperature.

 By the way, chlorine and seawater in the pool are great enemies of colored hair!  Especially bleached hair loses its color in an instant.

 The above are the basics of hair care, so I think many people have already practiced it, but daily treatment is important, so I think you should be aware of it!

 see you~

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